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Izumi Gaku (和泉 岳)

Izumi Gaku


Izumi Gaku


May 5th


165 cm

Blood type



"I don't have any particular interests because I approach everything with utmost concentration"

Favorite food

"To the current, 17 years old me, the body will continue to grow and requires adequate nutrients to be sufficiently healthy. If i continue to intake of the necessary nutrients; that will in turn be reflected by my growth. Based on my regime i will be able to reach height of 180 cm soon."

Disliked food

"On this planet, the foods that people consume are inevitably made by someone. As soon as you think about the preparation made to the food there is no such thing as favorite or at least favorite food. Furthermore this planet has many people that are starving. We as the citizens of Japan, are fortunate enough to have such an abundance of food. Because of this, people should eat less"


Elder brother

Manga Debut

Chapter 25

Student council Vice President along with Shinagawa. The two often fight over being the better Vice President. He is very good at fighting, even being able to block Adachi's kick, but he cannot beat Adachi in a fight. He is also good at studying (his grades are second in the entire grade) and he gets really hyped up over the smallest things.

A running joke is that he is incredibly verbose and from time to time others think him socially awkward. He used to be in a motor cycle gang and still loves to wear his old gang outfit. He is close friends with Kagawa.

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